My favourite bridges in The Netherlands

When I first went to The Netherlands I went with a rather limited, no completely idealess view of the country, its customs and its people. I remember being asked what I wanted to do whilst I was over there and being a little dumbstruck due to my lack of cultural awareness. After getting over the “omg its so clean and so flat” I started to take notice of the country and its little quirks. The Netherlands is basically water mad and living where I live in England its something I’ve never really had to notice. So what started off as a little joke between me and my best friend has kind of become a thing. In this post I’m going to talk about bridges. I have a thing for bridges. We even have a fluctuating league table (even I don’t really know the current status of the top 3 I’m leaving that to my Dutch counterparts!).

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Tenses Recap!

So I did a tenses recap covering the basics. I did it as an open book using my pervious notes on the “rules” etc and my trusted Dutch dictionary. I got a whopping 28 out of 35. I surprised myself! There were a few I got wrong purely through using the wrong word from the dictionary. I’ve put my little list here down below and I’ve kept my mistakes in but corrected them next to it. I did do this open book, I am nowhere near ready to be able to do this on the spot and it took me over an hour to write 35 sentences!

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A Busy Old Week in Maria-World!

UnknownEverything has been super crazy this week. This is literally the first chance I’ve had to sit down and log back on to hear. I’ve been stuck in the car for what feels like days!  Running errands, working, attending appointments etc. Its been major hectic!

Catching up on everyone’s activities has been fun tho! There has been loads of posts I’ve missed out on!


I’m quite glad that I only promised to blog for every day of August because the first 3 weeks of September have been crazy!  Luckily for me and for you guys I have got a super empty week next week. Aside from a few work commitments I’m going to throw myself back into Dutch hard, fast and super strict. I suppose this is me admitting that sometimes its easier not to bother learning something I don’t readily need – the downside to living in England and learning Dutch.

I am hoping to head back over to The Netherlands before Christmas. I was over for Sinterklaas last year, I’ve experiences its two years on the bounce, and would love to go back for it again this year and maybe even take the family! My dad is still dumbstruck about the ZwartPiet stories! I’ve got my own little slave doll that I’ve had since January 2013 (after being fully introduced to the madness in 2012!) I’m actually really looking forward to Christmas this year (early yes I know but theres already stuff in the shops ready for it!). AutumWinter is definitely my favourite time of the year for sure!


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Back on the ‘paard’!

Yes I know the Dutch don’t say “Get back on the horse” but I thought it would be a quirky title ok?!

This afternoon I have been recapping Dutch vocab. Not as badly as I expected really I must say! I started of writing from memory just little sentences about myself trying to use as much of the vocab I could. Here’s a little snippet.

Hallo. Ik ben Maria. Mijn voornaam is Maria. Mijn achternaam is Smith. Ik kom uit Engeland. Ik woon in Birmingham in Dutchstraat op nummer 399 met mijn mama en papa. Ik ben 22 jaar oud. Ik ben niet getrouwde.

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Getting my backside into gear!

So I have finally gotten over my flu thank god! It was awful and trust me I’m not normally one to main about such things! Anyway…moving swiftly on! I have 16 days to go until my first class at night school.

With and extraordinarily busy week ahead I am aiming to jump back onto the Dutch basics revision. I always seem to be more committed to it when I’m crazy busy! Im sure there is a saying somewhere about asking a busy person if you want something done. That is definitely the case with me.

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Taster Session Cancelled!

Just a little note to tell you all that my scheduled taster session at Language School that should have been last night was indeed cancelled. After battling rush hour traffic into the city I checked the website whilst sitting on the carpark only to find the following note:

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 18.53.37



Needless to say I was gutted! Picking up on the learning again tomorrow, my flu has started to make its exit now all sense have returned there is just an annoying little cough to get rid of!


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They might not be the worlds most generous parents but are they the strictest?

I found an article on which is actually all written in English which is great. It also ties in with the episode of “The Words Strictest Parents: Holland” I saw on BBCthree recently too. I can talk about both together.

So lets start with this article with a headline: “Dutch children near bottom of pocket money ranking”.

A study done by ING has looked into the amount of pocket money given to children across Europe and it has found that children in Holland get 10-15 years get €5 a week (average) this increased to €12.50 (average) over the age of 15. According to the same report kids in the UK get £6 under 15 years and £12 over. In the grand picture of Europe The Netherlands are 11th out of 12, beaten only by children in the Czech Republic and the UK is 7th. The best place for pocket money according to ING is Italy if anyone is interested they get €10 under 15 and a whopping €30 on average over 15!

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