The First 3 Months – My current reflections

I am 3 months in to my Dutch learning, well its 3 months in to actually taking it seriously! It does feel like it has been much much longer than that but I think that is mainly due to the focus I have put around it. Trying to do 2hrs a day really does take it’s toll on timekeeping! I’ve had 3 weeks of night school an aside from my little moans about them (I do like to moan!) I am steadily growing my Dutch vocabulary and the verbs aren’t upsetting my too much just get. Everything I’m writing or doing in Dutch seems to involve a million and one different tables and rules and you name it. Lets face it Dutch is one of the hardest languages to learn! I have a hole new level of respect to people who can speak it when its not their mother tongue. My college course runs up until christmas and should in theory make me able to understand the basics, read simple passages and understand conversation whilst being confident to respond. By christmas I want to reevaluate the extent of which i want to learn Dutch. I have no plans to move over there in the near future so perhaps wishing to speak it fluently is a long shot to be able to communicate with my friends and get about town comfortably shouldn’t be too much to ask.

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Most Important Verb Tables I’m Currently Learning

In last weeks post I talked about different vocabulary lists and how I planned to highlight what I considered to be the most useful verbs to learn first. With such a complex and new language you’ve got to start and narrow the list down in one way or another. My task for this week being “Reading Week” here in the UK is to recap everything from college from the last 3 lessons, all verbs, vocabulary etc and I have some homework too!

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Lesson 3!

Goedmorgen you lovely people of WordPress!

Here is my Thursday morning update (on Friday) from lesson 3! Wednesday nights lesson was actually really great! It was intense and I did come away with a little bit of a headache but I felt like we covered a lot of ground and we have been given a table of conjugated irregular verbs which is so helpful I cant tell you how much!

We covered a little bit of the culture side of things yesterday talking in a more geographical sense about flooding and rising tides. We even talked about the Delta Works and how the water levels are controlled. It was short brief but very informative.

We covered the weak verbs from last weeks lesson and went over the answers. I got myself about 52 out of 57 which I am very pleased with. The rest of the session was split into 3 main (sort of) sections. 1. A text exercise, similar to last week but much longer and more detailed. 2. Strong Irregular Verbs. 3. Making basic sentences.

I’m going to talk a little about each section and if there is any more information about any of the sections you can just ask.

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Een nieuw huis voor Tom!

A great way of learning a language in the context of actual sentences and stories is children’s books. There are a few really famous Dutch ones and i have managed to come across some pdf stories. I’ve found quiet a few about a dog named Waldo, some are generic and some are Christmas themed. I’ve saved them all onto my laptop but cant find what website I found them from to tell you all. I will tag the pdf in this post though if any of you fancy a read. I was quite impressed with how much I understood of the text i read “EEN NIEUW HUIS VOOR TOM“. I’d say from the first read through I understood about 60%. When I went through it again page by page that probably increased to about 75%. I was very impressed. Here is my understanding of the story on a semi-page by page basis:Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 22.51.18

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Mijn Nederlands Map en tijdschema

Goedenavond Blog Readers!

I’ve just spent the last hour sorting out my “Nederlands Map” (Dutch Folder) and sectioning off all of my working sections. It has inspired me to post on my blog the different sections I work from at the moment in my early stages of learning Nederlands and I am going to share with you my timetable for my Dutch College course for the next 2 months.

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‘t Kofschip

As far as I know it doesn’t actually translate into a proper word (let me know if it does, i’d be interested to know about it and keep my blog factual). But that is irrelevant, this word helps us to identify how to conjugate a verb. This works for all tenses but I’m going to talk about it in the context of the present tense. I have talked about this is a previous post, so you could say all I am doing is going over it in a different way. If you are reading this post first I would recommend you checking out the post on The Past Tense. There is lots more information on there too!

This is a 4 step process so keep with me and look at each step, when we put them all together it is a pretty much foolproof method (disclaimer: there are exceptions, obviously, its Dutch, I’m convinced they make some of this stuff up as they go along!)

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