Exam Script and Holiday Revision Plans

After going through everything it occurred to me that I didn’t post my exam piece for my Dutch course. So in this post I’m going to do just that. I’m not going to share all of the photos I used become some of them are quite personal but the majority are just scenic and I can’t not show you.

I wanted to mention as well at just how useful my studying was before i started the course. Yes I moaned when I first started it and it was slow and a bit rubbish (I read through some of my earlier posts whilst recapping all of the course material) but without doing all the work before hand this course would have been too much. There is a guy on my course who said as much. We are moving through the language so quickly there isn’t much time to dwell on some points. I’ve always been a bit of a geek and been, arguable, over prepared for EVERYTHING but I’m not ashamed of that. I’ve worked bloody hard and I don’t intend to give that up any time soon!

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Collating 5 months worth of Dutch Language Studies

IMG_0001Over the last 5 months I have tried so many different methods and have amassed a standard ring binder full of paperwork from my course, my personal studies before hand along with the little practices from here and there. I spent 2 hours this week compiling everything and cross referencing everything. It wasn’t an easy task and I still don’t think it’s the best system but hey ho! I thought I would share my new system with you and my plans for the revision of it all. I’ve got 3 weeks until Level 2 starts, taking out all of the days missed due to christmas frivolities and the recovery of such events that is more than enough time to recap everything.

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15th December 2014 Dutch Festive Foods

Foods you must try in AmsterdamI’ve never really spoken about Dutch foods all that much so this post will combine some classic Dutch foods I’ve tried and some typically festive dishes. I haven’t really got much to say about festive Foods to fill a post so I decided to combine some of my college food vocabulary list with my opinions. When I started planning for this post I didn’t realise how many typical Dutch foods I’ve tried. You will have tried some of these without realising they are Dutch. For those of you Dutch obsessed folk such as me…how many of these have you tried? Do you like them? Could you live off a Dutch diet?

Personally I like the majority of the Dutch foods I have tried but I do enjoy coming home to an English Roast Dinner and Breakfast food!

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Eurovision Song Contest 2015!

Are you a fan? I am. Surprise, surprise! I just love it. It is definitely one of my favourite Eurovision_Song_Contest_2015_logo.svg_annual events and I always make a point of watching it, I even keep my own score card. We never win in the UK but thats fine. I don’t think we enter it expecting to win or at least I don’t expect us to but thats just the magic of it all. If England wanted to win we would put forward Adele or One Direction or Sam Smith wouldn’t we but we never do so we don’t want to actually win it.

The last 2 years Holland has really upped their Eurovision Game! They have won it 4 times since the contest began. The last time being in 1975. The Netherlands has had the prestigious nul point 5 times! This week the song for 2015 has been announced. Penned by Anouk (who entered it in 2012) I think they could do well again. The Netherlands came 2nd in 2014. If I’m being honest I wasn’t exactly impressed on hearing it first time but its a grower and Europe loved it! The Common Linnets is duo consisting of Ilse DeLange and another well-known and popular Dutch artists.

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Lesson 9! Dutch Entry Step Level One

If you’ve not seen already or you haven’t heard the news via some other social media page I have become addicted to Wednesday night I passed my Dutch Entry Step Level One course.

10409123_10152854989922593_527733279983149531_nI had my presentation exam, 5 minutes talking about a Dutch subject and questions all in Dutch.  Voor mijn presentatie ik sprak over mijn verbinding met Nederland en over mijn twee favoriete plaatsen: De Efteling en Apenheul.

I was so nervous, being in Munich these last few days limited my revision to what I could fit in on the plane. In hind sight though it was great fun and hearing everyone else’s presentations was great too. Some classmates where better than others and more easy to understand but everyone worked well and I do believe that the majority of the class are signing up for the next level which starts in January! I can’t wait. I’m going to try and work hard on my Dutch over the Christmas break and keep it up as much as I can.

So yes I’m still a beginner but not a super fresh beginner like I was 10 weeks ago haha! Oh and there’s a certificate too to prove it (because who doesn’t like a certificate?!) I’m going to blog in the run up to my next semester obviously with Christmas coming and also my preparation for next term. I’m really looking forward to the next term.

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Munich Highlights

As you may or may not have notices this week I have been a little quiet. If you follow me on Instagram or are friends with me on Facebook you will have seen some of the timeline spamming I have been doing from Germany. I’ve just got back (literally at 1am this morning) from Munich. I went with friends and we had the most amazing time. Very christmas, very exciting and all round a blast of a time!

I visited Munich central, Dachau Concentration Camp and Salzburg. We saw the Olympic Stadium, BMW Factory, Allianz Arena and everything else remotely touristy.

I thought I’d stick up a little post about the things I’ll miss along with the things I most definitely won’t miss!

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10th December 2014 Christmas Songs and Phrases

Phrases. This is where I think the Dutch and the English language differ in their little phrases and nuances. For “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” the Dutch say “Prettige Kerstfeest en een Gelukkig Nieuwjaar!”.

At Christmas we love to sing songs, hell I love a good old sing song any time of the year but other people are more inclined to join in in December. I love hearing Christmas carols let alone hearing them in different languages. My Christmas playlist isn’t the same without Feliz Navidad.

Here are a few classic carols in Dutch or Kerstliedjes. You can tell what they are due to our languages being so similar, they sound rather majestic too. Give them a listen and see what you think! Obviously the pop music versions are all the same, I think the entire world knows a Slade song or two but in terms of the classics every language has their version. I heard the German version of Band Aid 30 yesterday, that was interesting.

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