Useful Dutch Vocabulary For My Trip

2 days until I go on holiday and I cannot wait! In order to survive the basics and to utilise my newly acquired language skills I have put together a page common questions and responses. In this list I have tried to write down questions I will come across and could/should be able to use confidently.

Here’s some of my practice questions, you might be able to learn from them too. They are useful, easy-ish and very much needed pleasantries. The spelling might be a bit off but I’ve had it checked and I have tried my very best.

Hallo! – Hello

Hoi! – Hi

Dag – Hello / Goodbye

Doei – Bye

Tot ziens – See you soon

Vaarwel – Farewell

Mijn naam is Maria - My name is Maria

Wat is jouw naam? – What is your name?



Hoe gaat het? – How are you?

Alles goed? – Everything ok?

Hoe is het met je? – How are things with you?

Ik ben…- I am

Blij – happy

Prima – fine

Aangenaam kennis met u te maken – Pleasure to meet you (f)Leuke kennis met je te maken – Pleasure to meet you (inf)Ik spreek een beetje Nederlands – I speak a little bit of Dutch.

Kan je langzaam spreken alstublieft – Can you speak slowly please

Do you speak English? – Spreekt u Engels?

Dank u/je wel – Thank you (f/inf)

Alstublieft / Alsjeblieft – Please / There you go (f/inf)

Graag gedaan – You’re welcome




Zou u mij kunnen helpen? – Can you help me please?

Mag ik u iets vragen? – Can I ask you something?

Zegt u het maar? – What would you like?

Heeft u..?- Do you have..?

Wil je..?- Do you want..?

Ik wil graag…-I would like…

Mag ik… – Can I have…

Weet u waar de…. is? – Do you know where…is?

Waar is…? – Where is..?

Ik ben op zoek naar…- I am looking for…

Ik wil naar…- I want to go…

Zullen we naar…- Shall we go to…

Ga je mee naar…- Do you want to go…

Laten we vanavond uitgaan – Lets go tonight

Weet u hoe laat het is? – Do you know what time it is?

Hoeveel is het? – How much is it?

Nee, dat was het – No, that is all.

Kan ik een ticket naar Amsterdam alstublieft? – Can I have a ticket to Amsterdam please?Mag ik een cola light? – Can I have a diet coke?Waar is de parkeerplaats? – Where is the carpark?

Ik ben verloren – I am lost

Het spijt me! – Sorry!

Ik begrip het niet – I don’t know

Ja, lekker – Yes, (that would be) nice

Nee, bedankt – No, thank you

Ik kan niet – I can not

Nee, sorry, ik moet…- No sorry, I have to…



I can’t wait to get away for a few days and I am lucky enough to be able to spend a night in Holland and then spend the rest of the week in Spain. It will be the first time I have ever flown to another country from a foreign country. How exciting! I’ve not got long until my exam at college and I really don’t know what i need to be doing for it just yet. There is a part of it that includes talking about myself…that won’t be too hard now will it ;) I’ve got to talk about a dutch topic in dutch too. We haven’t had much guidance in this bit yet and I’m concerned of lack of preparation. Yes I was the kind of girl at university who started her essays a minimum of 3 weeks before the due date! Has anyone got any suggestions of a topic for me? I can’t wait to get started (and to get it out of the way!)


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Lesson 6!

This lesson was intense but it was the kind of lesson that when I final got around to looking at the clock we only had 20 minutes left!

The vocabulary text for this week was called Het Dwergensprookje – The dwarves fairytale (dwergen – dwarves, sprookje – fairytale). Our tutor had made up a cute little story and written some comprehensive questions to go with it. I like comprehension texts I really do. This text was tough though! Lots and Lots of new vocabulary and translations which are down to interpretation as they don’t make sense when translated literally. I’ve attached this exercise separately as there really is a lot in it, it’s a proper brain twister! In my little study group we got through it rather well and I must admit that afterwards it didn’t actually seem all that difficult. One of the tasks is to translate the whole text, I think I’m going to treat that as an extra recap over the weekend. I haven’t blogged much this week because I have been super busy but I am planning to have lots of stuff up over the next 5 weeks or so up to Christmas.

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Lesson 5!

De les was een grote success!

I had another really good session and I can honestly say I am really really enjoying myself. Our text for this week, Vocabulaire Tekst 4, was a lot longer than usual and I can confidently say I understood 70%+ and I got the gist of the passage. I think that is the key to my Dutch language learning, just get the gist and wing it. This week the text as about Anna. Anna didn’t like the colour of her bathroom door so decided she wanted to change it. A little patheitic I know but when its just shy of a full page and you can comfortably understand the gist and the majority of the words its all good and I am more than happy with it.

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A photo of Schipol decked up for Christmas!!

I’ve had a slow blogging week this week. Thats not to say that I haven’t been working! I have become somewhat dependent on my conjugation tables but in doing so my sentences are getting much better. I have a question for fellow mac users…how do you change the language setting on Microsoft Word? In English we don’t really double up on vowels very often and my laptop autocorrects heeft to heft and many others. This means that my sentences aren’t correct when I’ve probably typed them right but my computer does the typo! (Makes a change from my shocking English spelling!)

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Lesson 4!


I’m in a very good mood today, I had a lovely lesson last night at college, my Dutch is coming along well (at least I feel like it is!). I’ve decided to adopt a new mentality with regards to my lessons, possibly a view I should have had from the start but I only really embraced this yesterday. I’m going to use my classes as a way to really practice and meet my needs a little more precisely. I’ve given up my language learning inhibitions and full accepted that I may sound like an idiot but it’s the only way I’m going to learn. After last nights lesson this new method is going to serve me well I am sure! So here is my little review of class 4. Complete with a text sheet AND vocabulary lists. I am much to kind ;)

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Practice Makes Perfect…not quite reached the perfect yet!

I’m off to Amsterdam, granted for only one night, at the end of this month. Then I have a few days away with my best Dutch buddy to practice on and hopefully get over my embarrassment of speaking and using what I know!

Time to recap my vocabulary. Today I covered 3 weeks of vocabulary and two sets of verbs *melted brain* indeed! Vocabulary 3 has been the hardest for me. You can find those details in this post here. I think its because I haven’t heard much from this list.

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Dutch Disney Month

I’ve mentioned the power of children’s TV, music and stories. Now it is time to dedicate a post to Dutch Disney. In essence it is just classic disney dubbed over by different actors.

If you follow me on Twitter @mariavsmith1992 you may have seen the excited exchange of tweets between myself and the lovely Charlene (for those of you who haven’t already, you can check out her blog HERE!). I’ve written a post already about a Dutch Children’s Book Een Nieuwe Huis voor Tom and I’ve written about Dutch songs one more than one occasion, you can see my latest ones here. In short our tweets revolved around cute little nursery rhymes such as In Holland Staat Een Huis! The song is so so catchy! It is thanks to Charlene who gave me the inspiration to blog about Dutch nursery rhymes and disney songs that helped and do help me.

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